Healthy eating


Taking part




- 30 letters with all usefull information about healthy eating and sports

- 30 sports exercises

- 30 psychology themes

- 30 healthy reciepts

- 30 days of motivation and support

- 30 days of tet-a-tet communication 





We will figure out the main psychological problems & patterns in your life, which block being yourself, being slim, happy and beautiful. We will plan step-by-step the way of your internal transformation which, as a result, will affect your appearance.


marathon + 3 sessions



You’ll receive everything that within a marathon, but also intensive of 3 psychological consultations which will help to get rid of failures, sabotage, fears, food addiction, etc.


Marathon advantages

without starving

Forget about pressing on yourself, become slim only with joy, staying conscious, reward yourself with tasty diet.

step by step

You change your lifestyle step by step beginning from your current habits & possibilities. You can choose 30 days marathon or your all alone program.


Daily home trainings plan. You'll get to know about the most usefull home trainings and choose that you most like.

psychology aspect

You'll see the reasons of sabotage, upsets of your plans, incorrect motivation, and another problems in regime. We solve not only problems with your shape, but with inner mood and resources.

Your body is talking to you, are you listening?

Author of the program

maria kucherenko

psychology, healthy food and sports 

Psychologist, life couch
Nutrition consultant (20 years of trying different diets and programs), kind of model (hobby) & sports fan.
Consulting people and developing own project Happiness exists. More than 300 successful сases sinse 2013 – the start of cosulting.
2018 — Moscow State University, psychology faculty — General psychology course

2009 till now — RPT, life coaching, methods of self-direction, drama therapy, theta hilling, psychosomatic, women practices, parapsychology, Hellinger constellation, classic psychology methods, etc.
2004 — Crimean Juridical Institute of the National University of domestic affairs, juridical faculty
2003 — Tavric National University, foreign languages faculty

Before and after foto.

testimonials of the last marathon

Maria, thanks! You are so sincere, so deep and so true! Thank you for your intention and that you gether all us together! We start one big process — and it's just the beginning! For me it's great insight, new, big, grip, waving flow!

anna dobri

I've got a great pleasure about Maria's posts, seminars, sessions and even just talking to Maria. Young, beauty, modern, smart, true, joyfull, intelligent, professional in her not simple tasks. I feel safe with Masha and can go deeply.

irina ignatkina

I appreciate Mary and all marathoners for making this marathon. Ive tryed many methods and get many information about extra wight, but never do anything serious. Here I've got all in one: time, place and proper trener. It was the time of changes inside and out us

natalia namestnikova


you can ask ANY QUESTION YOU WANT ABOUT THIS MARATHON or consulting on the free pre-SESSION (15-20 min)